Fintech App & Benefits in Financial Business – Overview

Fintech app is nothing but a web or mobile app that is used to perform financial activities online. Fintech applications are widely used in the financial industry these days as it is highly beneficial in fulfilling financial operations quickly and efficiently.

Does Fintech Apps Are Essential for Financial Businesses?

People prefers to do cashing in online via smartphones with ease in these days rather than visiting banks or other financial sectors. A statista states that around 50% of customers from banks will shift to next bank it there is no mobile app for that bank. Due to its instant solutions, secured concept, fintech apps are now most preferred by the users. This made every financial businesses to move towards mobile platform with fintech app development.

Make Your Busines Presence in Mobile Platform With an Incredible Fintech App

Impact of mobile technology in financial industry made several finanaicial business to seek for fintech app development. If you are one among them, then MacAndro is especially for you. Being an expertise in banking & finance app development, we upholds heap of domain knowledge in financial business and a best track record in providing custom mobility solutions for banks & other businesses.

What are the benefits You can Experience By Choosing MacAndro’s?

24/7 Support
Continuous Operation optimization
Seamless Payment Integration
Shorter time-to-market
Cost effective
Reliable & Scalable
Highly Secure and Flexible

Outsource Your Accounting and Finance Business

Who Can We Get for You?

Let’s find you remarkable Virtual Assistants with the core financial skills, computing experience, and communication and relationship-building abilities that will give your business an edge. execute on more tasks, for far less cost than you’d expect. And gain a foothold in Asia, where some of the most helpful innovations in financial services are taking place.

So you won’t just outsource. Outsource to win!

Hire for Various Financial Roles and Verticals

Delegate core yet time-draining tasks to your global team in Cebu, Philippines, led by Fiona Kesby (CEO) and Matt Kesby (Founder), who are both based in Cebu City. Protect yourself and your onshore business leaders against overload and burnout.

Help make more remarkable careers and lives possible all around!

Qualifications Our Finance VAs Earned

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Commerce or Finance.
Many are Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and some even have MBAs!
Experience working in banking, insurance, loans and mortgage, real estate
Experience in designing and building apps for financial services
Understanding of IFRS and GAAP

How to get a Decent Deal While Car Financing in Washington?

The process of buying a car does not stop at choosing the make, model, and features of the vehicle. Car financing plays a crucial role in deciding the type of car deal that you receive in Washington. A good auto financing deal is the bedrock of a great auto deal, and any misjudgment in choosing an auto loan may or may not cost you thousands of dollars.

Car financing in Washington has its own set of points to keep in mind. Go through your local DMV to check for state-specific rules that apply to Washington. Understand your automotive needs before purchasing a car in Washington.

Ask yourself questions such as: What is the purpose of buying a car? Who will use it? What is the monthly budget against your income that would go towards insurance, maintenance, and gas? Finally, ask yourself, what car will fit your primary criteria and allow you to enjoy comfortable monthly payments? Learn more on how to purchase a car and get the best financing deal in Washington.

WA Car Financing: Tips to get a Comfortable Car Deal

1. Credit Score: The Cornerstone for every Auto Loan

A credit score is a pivotal instrument to judge the credibility of an individual. The average credit score of Washingtonians is 693. A credit score of 650 and above is a decent credit score. Therefore, the Washington car buyers have good financial standing and are less likely to miss out on a payment. One way to increase your chances of an auto loan approval in Washington is to improve your credit score before applying for the auto loan. Pay up your past payments and improve your debt-to-income ratio to get a good car deal in Washington.

2. Payments and Income: The Key is Balance

The way you manage your monthly payments and income plays an essential role in your auto financing journey. The amount that should go towards your monthly payments should be the amount left after deducting your expenses from your income. The median annual income for a household in Washington is approximately $85,000. The approximate yearly income of the entire United States household is $60,000. It shows that Washingtonians have higher disposable incomes than the rest of the citizens.

Therefore, you can take a shorter-term period of 60 to 72 months and make high payments to enjoy a low interest rate on your auto loan.

3. Debt-to-income Ratio: Manage Debts Smartly

A debt-to-income ratio measures the amount of debt you hold against your income. The less the debt-to-income ratio, the better will be your financial situation. A person with a lower DTI ratio often has a better credit score because a stable financial condition leads to improved scores.

The average credit card balance of Washingtonians is approximately $6592. Therefore, on average, a Washingtonian will carry a debt of $6592 in credit cards. Manage your income against your payments and make sure you decrease your credit card debt before applying for an auto loan in Washington to get the best car financing deal.

Understand Your Way into A Good Deal in Washington

Every state has its own set of rules of car financing and car buying. Washington is one of the best places for purchasing a car. Even if you suffer from a bad credit score, you can still obtain an auto loan. The lenders find WA car buyers trustworthy because of the overall superior financial stability of Washingtonians.

To make matters simpler, you should take the help of online auto portals that will help you calculate your credit score, the approximate interest rate you will get, and the available vehicle options in WA State. Also, keep the above points in mind and understand how you can avail the best auto deal while you buy your next car in Washington.

Make a Successful Career Change – Strategies & Tips For Starting a Consulting Business

You have worked your way up the corporate ladder, learned, listened and done your homework. Now you are looking out the office window and wondering what it would be like to work for yourself? Or it’s the same buildup and you’ve suddenly found yourself sitting at the kitchen table after a layoff or downsizing wondering, “What happened?”

One way or the other it’s time for a career change. You’ve seen consultants, either in person or on TV. They just seem to walk in, listen a little, talk a lot and leave. That’s followed by a fat paycheck. Now I know you realize that there is a lot more to it than that, but just in case, you don’t believe in unicorns do you?

What does it take to be a Consultant?

There are a number of things you need to know, be able to do and be willing to do to begin a career as a consultant. Here are the basic requirements.

Requirement #1- A solid base of expertise in process, content or both. It’s not enough to know a lot you have to bring something that isn’t already available to the client. You have to know something they don’t know and you have to know more than they do.

Requirement #2- Exceptional people skills. Social, listening, facilitating, problem-solving skills are just the minimum requirement.

Requirement #3- A positive attitude. You’ll also need a thick skin, patience and being comfortable working on your own.

Requirement #4- The ability to take whatever recommendations you suggest to a client and implement them to deliver the results you promised. Most consultants fail when they reach Requirement #4. Clients don’t want advice they demand results. They expect consultants to deliver them.

The Consulting Process

Let’s say you meet the requirements and you’re sitting down with your first client. What’s the consulting process?

Analyze the situation
Determine the specific results the client wants and needs
Decide if you can meet the client’s expectations
Develop a strategy to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time
Determine if the client can act upon your recommendations within constraints of her/his organization
Outline an execution plan to achieve the strategy at the lowest cost, while paying you adequately for your time and expertise
Consistently demonstrate your value, insight and justify your fees
Be hired again
Convince the client that everything was his/her idea
The process changes based on the client, the situation and the solutions you suggest. The important thing to remember is that consultation is a slow process. You are building a relationship and no client is going to hand over the company’s marketing, manufacturing, management or money on the first date. As a wise man once said, “Consulting is a long, slow journey taken in baby steps.”
The Do’s and Don’t

Here are a few things to keep your eyes on as you build your business.

Be comfortable taking risks
Decide what you are prepared and qualified to do and don’t cross that line
Always under promise and over deliver
Don’t be tempted to lie about what you know or can do
Remember clients hire you to help them think and not to have you make them feel dumb
Be honest and impartial about problems and solutions
Be a trusted confidant and let clients know their information is confidential
Provide value for the client’s investment in you. Find ways to help make money or save it.
Go the extra mile instead of counting hours
Make communication an obsession, before, during and after the project
Consulting is a demanding, stressful job that’s also rewarding and interesting. Along the way you’ll have a multi-million dollar education taught by some of the best in the business. And, you’ll learn even more from the worst in the business. I won’t sugar-coat it and say it’s easy and you’ll be rich, sophisticated and have an eight-car garage filled with imported sports cars next to your mansion. I suppose it is possible but just in case, you don’t believe in unicorns do you?
Thanks for reading. Now, let’s go make some money!

Colour Consultants – How They Can Change Your Life

It may be a little over the top to suggest that a colour consultant can change your life, however, they can change your visual image, the way you shop and your wardrobe. A personal Colour Analysis by a qualified Colour Consultant can be highly informative and enlightening. The consultant will increase your awareness and appreciation of colour and how it impacts on you. In many instances she will confirm what you already know; she may articulate what you have sensed to be true about your own colouring and the colours that attract you. A Colour Consultant will explain the three qualities of colour; temperature, intensity and depth.The temperature of a colour refers to the presence of yellow (warm) or its absence (cool). The intensity refers to a colour’s light reflecting properties; highly reflective colour is bright while matte shades are muted. The depth of a colour is the most obvious trait to observe.

The colours that will best suit you are those colours that share the same qualities that you possess. For example if your overall depth of colour is medium, then you will be best suited to colours that are of medium depth. If the intensity of your colouring is muted, then you will be flattered by colours that are muted, softened or toned down. The fairer you are the more disconnected and unbalanced you will appear when very deep colours are placed below your face. Conversely, when someone with very strong and deep colouring wears pale colours they will appear drained by these shades. A colour consultant explains and demonstrates the quality of colour by a visual assessment of her client and the draping process. This allows you to see the impact of colours and their varying characteristics on you.

The knowledge and understanding that you acquire from a colour consultant will effect some very positive changes in your appearance, shopping habits and wardrobe organisation. When you embrace the colours that harmonise and balance your own colouring you will appear healthier, younger and more vital. Your skin tone will be more radiant and your complexion more even. Minor imperfections recede and the colour of your eyes and hair will be intensified.

You will find colour to be a great starting point when you hit the shops. A quick scan of the racks in your favourite boutique or department store will reveal whether there’s the likelihood of finding something fabulous. If the colours are not for you, there is no point in looking at the styles….Move on!

Back in the wardrobe at home, use colour as your way of organising and arranging your garments. Keep your neutral coloured items together and then group similar coloured garments together. Its great when all your black camis and tops are in the one drawer and not spread throughout your cupboard. When colour is the system you are working with, your clothes will remain in a logical and accessible order. This great strategy will serve you well on those mornings when the alarm doesn’t go off, the cat has disappeared and you’ve burnt the toast!

So, will a Colour Consultation change your life? That’s still debatable, however what is absolutely certain, is that she will impact your life in a very positive way.

IT Consulting Business Planning – How Deep Will Your Services Go?

Your menu of services is a keystone of your IT consulting business plan. To decide on this menu, you have to consider how deep your services will go into the companies you work with.

The Big Question

The big, initial question which determines what kind of services you will offer is whether you consider your business an IT consulting firm or really an IT outsourcing firm. A pure consulting firm would offer strategic advice, recommendations, and information, but would stop short of actually doing the IT work of the company. An IT outsourcing firm would take on these internal IT tasks, whether they are system design, implementation, and maintenance, software and web development, or other work. A third option is to try to operate as a combination of these two, but be careful of trying to do to much.


The highest level IT consulting work is to create overall IT strategy for the firm, looking ahead to how IT will both lower costs and increase revenue for their business. This type of work has an extremely high value for a forward-looking firm. It can save a firm the cost and overhead of hiring an IT director with deep enough expertise to manage these decisions. Your consulting firm should be able to charge a relatively high hourly rate for this type of service, assuming your firm’s expertise and reputation call for it.

Working more as an outsourcing firm which takes on the IT work which companies prefer not to do in-house (whether to save money or to focus on their core work), may not earn as high billing rates. However, this type of services can generally be undertaken by your employees or freelancers you enlist with narrower experience than you and your firm as a whole. This allows you to maintain higher profits when engaging in this “lower-level” work, on which customers expect to save money from the alternative of maintaining an in-house IT staff.

Are you looking for more tips on a consulting business or advice on developing a consulting firm business plan? Call 877-BIZ-PLAN to learn how Growthink can help you build your consulting firm.

Partylite Consultant Network Marketing Program Review

Whether you call in a PartyLite Consultant or become one yourself, you can transform any home event into something stunning and memorable. Okay, some may consider such an assessment to be more than a little lofty. Is this truly the case or can the company truly aid in exceeding expectations on the party event? Honestly, the success is based on how high quality of a party the individual wants to host.

What is it you would like a party or get together to look like? Would you want it to be average and unassuming? More than likely, you would prefer the event embodied some flair and atmosphere that would be beneficial to those that attend. Of course, while all this sounds like an excellent proposition there is the little matter of making it actually occur. Can this be done easily?

Yes, all you need to do is call in a PartyLite Consultant. Such consultants know exactly what is needed to get the most out of a particular event. All you need to do is contact them and let them work their professional magic for your event.

At the core of any PartyLite Consultant venture are found the many outstanding candles and home accents that PartyLite makes available. These items can thoroughly and completely transform a home or residence. Even the most “average of average” residence can be adequately transformed into something new, unique, and original. As a result, guests will find the event to be unforgettable and in a good way! The products that PartyLite delivers are like none found anywhere else. Again, that is why this remains a company well worth looking into.

You can even purchase such items through the website of a PartyLite Consultant. Then again, you could even become a PartyLite Consultant yourself. Simply having a website produced, designed, and published that promotes the excellent wears of PartyLite may be all that is needed to make sure you are in business for good. This could even turn out to be an enormously profitable venture for a strongly motivated individual. Hence, if you fall into such a descriptive category you may wish to look towards aligning with such a venture.

Becoming a PartyLite Consultant is relatively easy. You simply need to visit the website of the company and follow the very easy instructions. Within a very short period of time, you will find yourself in business and launching a new and rewarding career. This could lead to a game changing scenario where you are on to a solid entrepreneurial venture.

And those that want to hire a consultant simply need to visit the website as well and examine the available directory. Maybe some of you will want to do both! Whatever direction you follow you will be sure to discover a PartyLite Consultant has much value and rewards. Why not look into it?

Look Ten Years Younger With the Help of a Colour Consultant

Do you want to know how to look ten years younger without plastic surgery? Ask a Colour Consultant. Many women in their forties may reach a moment where they look at themselves in the mirror and acknowledge that even though their face show signs of middle age they feel no different inside than when they were young women.

It’s at this time that many women may entertain the idea of plastic surgery. Looking at ways to turn back the clock on their aging appearance simply because it does not mirror how they feel from the inside out. A Colour Consultant would recommend that before you outlay all that money, go through all that pain and suffering, and put aside all that down time to recover – have your “colours done.”

A colour consultation will provide you with the knowledge about your unique colouring that will impact on what colour clothes will suit you, the best make-up colours for you and how to colour your hair. The result is harmony and balance with your natural colouring. Your complexion will look smoother, your eyes look brighter and your overall appearance will be one of health and vitality. In other words you will look ten years younger.

Colour is the first thing that is noticed about a person’s appearance. It affects mood, apparent body shape, apparent age, your outlook to life and the overall impression you make on others. Wearing your best range of colours will make you look healthier, vibrant and energetic. You can discover the colours that work best for you by contacting a colour consultant. From your consultation you will receive a professionally made swatch containing 50 of your best colours. This takes the guess work out of shopping so that you will come home with garments that look great on you.

But looking ten years younger doesn’t stop there. For a more youthful appearance wearing make-up plays a crucial part. As a woman’s face begins to show signs of aging it is very tempting to try to camouflage everything with a heavier foundation. With many things in life, ‘less is more’ and make-up is no exception. A good foundation will be the perfect colour for you. A Colour Consultant will establish whether it needs to be warm, cool, or neutral depending on your skin tone. Discovering which colours are best suited to and show off your fabulous eyes are also a part of the consultation, along with your best blush and lipstick colours.

And finally colouring your hair is probably the most dramatic thing you can do to turn back the clock, especially if you are grey. But turning back the clock involves more than grabbing any bottle of colour.

A successful colour is one that suits:

· Your natural colouring.

· Is in tune with the changes caused by aging. As we age our skin gets paler and cooler and our eyes lose their intensity. Women who don’t realize this often purchase hair dyes that no longer suit their colouring.

A Colour Consultant is mindful of this fact and will make a recommendation for the right colour hair for you.

Looking ten years younger, therefore, will be as a result of discovering the perfect colours for you through engaging the services of a Colour Consultant.

High Priced Consulting – Simple Secrets to Achieve Blockbuster Success

What if you discovered simple three-step system that you can follow to get started with your online consultation easily?

Starting your own consultation program can help you to earn hundreds even thousands of dollars every month. Therefore make sure that you take this article seriously and apply the steps laid down.

Here are 3 simple steps to get you started…

Step 1 – Get to know your expertise in your niche.

Step 2 – What is the value of your time per hour?

Step 3 – Let your clients arrange questions before hand and give them an action plan to follow.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily…

Step 1 – Get to know your expertise in your niche.

Before you get started with your consultation program it is extremely important that you know your expertise in your niche. Do not price your consultation watching other experts, rather you should price the consultation based on the value that you will provide your clients.

Make sure you know what you are worth…

Step 2 – What is the value of your time per hour?

Before you know the value of your time it is extremely impossible to price your consultation. You should know exactly what is the value of the time and the value of the information that will allow your clients to solve their most pressing problems.

It is important that you plan up your consultation program in a very systematic fashion…

Step 3 – Let your clients arrange questions before hand and give them an action plan to follow.

Before you go about starting a consultation it is important that you tell your clients to prepare their questions list. This will save time right on the call and will also allow you to communicate more with your clients rather than they getting confused about the questions they need to get solved.

Consulting – 2 Types of Financial Consulting

If you are seriously considering a career in financial consulting, you need to know the clients that you will be serving. These are the following:

1. Companies or business organizations. Business owners usually hire financial consultants when they need advice about pending government regulations, long-term viability, risk management, and industry trends. Typically, business owners have a solid idea as to how they would like to handle their finances but they want an independent opinion about it to reduce risks. The financial consultant is expected to review the proposed plan and determine its flaws. He will then make recommendations or offer his expert advice to help clients make well-informed decisions about their money.

2. Personal. Financial consultants may also be hired by individuals who have significant financial resources or investment portfolios. These consultants are expected to offer advice on taxation planning, risk assessment, income management, and long-term planning so clients can obtain maximum benefits with the lowest amount of possible risks. Consultants can also offer their services to couples who need financial advice. These types of clients usually look for advice regarding saving for retirement, saving for a college fund, mortgage rate, etc.

For financial consultants to perform what is expected of them, they must have a good basic college education. They must have a degree in economics, business, or education. It’s better if they have advanced business degree and financial adviser certification. They must also have at least 5-10 years experience in finance management. It would also help if they have also attended relevant trainings and seminars that can increase their knowledge in this field.